What do you need to get started? Not much. 
Click on Class Schedule, email or call us today at (248)268-1986 to set up the best class for you to attend. With the way our system cycles though the curriculum you can start at any time. All you’ll need for your first class is a:

1. Willingness to learn, a willingness to get a little sweaty,
2. Some comfortable clothes, water, and a towel. 


Valhalla Krav Maga offers a number of membership options to fit nearly any budget. From Pre-Paid cards, month to month, and yearly memberships, Valhalla has a program for you.  Stop in and talk to one of our sales associates for more details.



Students that opt for the Thor program can take unlimited Level 1 and focus mitt classes every month.

Train as often as you like. Higher level Krav Maga classes must be tested into, but once a student passes the test, they are welcome to train in as many Level 2 (or 3, or 4)  classes as they’d like too.

(boxing gloves required for Level 2 and higher)

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Students that opt for Odin are allowed to take any Valhalla class (except those that must be tested into) that is offered per month. Students can take classes from both the Thor and Valkyrie package in addition to our Weapons defense class.

(248) 268-1986