"Let the wary stranger who seeks refreshment
keep silent with sharpened hearing;
with his ears let him listen, and look with his eyes; 
thus each wise man spies out the way."

"What do I need for class?"

Punctuality. Arrive fifteen minutes before class.
Hydration. Water/Gatorade/Etc. 
A towel.
Comfortable clothes. 
Shoes. We do not train barefoot.

"will the class hurt?"

It might. You will get winded. You will get sweaty. You will be put in situations that you (likely) have not been in before. You may feel overwhelmed.
Just as you may feel overwhelmed in a situation in which you are attacked.The difference? You will be guided and monitored by certified instructors to ensure that you are pushed, but not over the edge, in a safe, controlled environment.

"Will I get through the class?"


"Why was valhalla krav maga started?"

To create nightmares for bad guys. More information here.