Welcome our new Instructor

So, as many of you know by now, Ian recently went to Los Angeles to train with Krav Maga Worldwide's Head of Instructor Training, Kelly Campbell. Ian went through five days of grueling training that is designed to push candidates both physically and mentally. For eight hours a day, Ian and the rest of his class practiced and honed their craft to earn the right to test. They sent thousands of kicks, and punches, and elbows, and knees. They did countless repetitions of choke defenses. They taught and they learned.

That's just part of the story.

What many of you don't know about are the countless hours Ian spent training for his chance to go to LA. What many of you don't know about are the sacrifices he made with his time, body, and mind to earn the right to call himself an Instructor. You didn't witness the hours training with Hunter and myself (which are even less fun than they sound) you don't know about the extra work he spent getting physically ready, the running, extra training, the ice baths, and the commitment.

You will soon see the results.

I am beyond happy to announce that Ian, as expected, passed his Phase A course certification. He has joined a family of dedicated Instructors from around the world whose purpose is, as Imi stated, "So that one may walk in peace".

Welcome Ian, your place has been earned.