Women's Anti-Assault Seminars

This past weekend, April 22nd and 23rd, Valhalla Krav Maga hosted its first two Women's Only Seminars dealing with assaults abductions. Two different groups of women joined us for a couple of hours over the weekend to make themselves and their loved ones stronger, safer, and much better prepared for an attack.

It was amazing to experience.

Hunter, Ian, Samantha, and I have been talking about the seminars non-stop for the last couple of days. We keep remarking on how awesome everyone was, how hard they trained, how willing they were to leave their comfort zones and push themselves to new heights.

Drill after drill, technique after technique, strike after strike, everyone in the seminars kept coming back for more. The instructors challenged, and the women delivered. At the end of the day, sweaty, winded, tired, but smiling, a group of incredible women left here with the knowledge, ability, and most importantly the CONFIDENCE to better protect themselves from potential attackers.

It was an honor to help. Moments like the ones I had over the weekend are some of the many reasons I love doing what I do.

To everyone who took part in these seminars, to everyone who helped put them together, a huge Thank You. You made our communities a little safer,