On November 3rd, Valhalla Krav Maga celebrated our Grand Opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Berkley Chamber of Commerce and the City of Oak Park. It was a great turnout and Samantha, Hunter, and I couldn't be happier with the response and the support we have received from friends, family, and our community.

We'd like to send a special Thank You to The Honorable Marion McClellan, Mayor of Oak Park and to Darlene Rothman, Executive Director of the Berkley Chamber of Commerce for all of their help and support in the launching of Valhalla Krav Maga.

Of course, none of this is possible without the help and sacrifice of our family and friends. You have been our inspiration, our confidants, and our never ending support and encouragement.

I've never written liner notes, or a thank-you speech, but the following peeps deserve a little mention: Dave and Donna Lams for always believing, Joyce Martina for being our emergency baby-sitter, Jeff Jaworski for laying the mats, Paul and Amanda Locklear for making Valhalla look good, Darryl Lams for the sounds, Jac Hilgendorf for the wisdom, Paul and Todd Turner for supplying a place to start, Hunter Hall for crunching the numbers, Tim Galloway for the web and the images, Chuck Gibson for the web and correcting my missteps, Rob Phillips for the hammer, Ian Redmond for the legal stuff, Jeff Mount, Vinay Chary, and Steve Sulze for the advice.

Too all our clients, thank you for the faith in us to help you be better prepared for the dangers facing us.

It's Your Life, It's Worth Defending.