What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga was born of necessity in the 1940's. Imi Lichtenfeld created the system to aid his fellow Jews in combating the mounting Nazi aggression. Upon the creation of Israel, he was tasked with training its fledgling army as expediently as possible. Krav Maga is utilized by many military and police organizations around the world. 
Predicated on quick reactions and violent counter-attacks, Krav Maga is a fast, aggressive, no-nonsense combat and self-defense system. Remaining true to its origins, Krav Maga is intended for everyone, no matter age, body type or fitness level. 
Founded in March of 2016 by Don Lams, Valhalla Krav Maga is dedicated to bringing its students the most intense, safe and realistic training possible with an emphasis on practical and proven techniques. Don and his instructors have spent years sharpening their tradecraft by constantly increasing their knowledge and by frequenting the Krav Maga Worldwide training center located in Los Angeles, CA.

We do not fight for money, prizes or glory. We fight only when there is no other option. We fight only to protect ourselves and those we love. With the goal of always going home safely, we train for scenarios ranging from chokes and bear hugs to gun and knife attacks. Confidence is earned with the knowledge that though evil lurks in this world, we have the tools to combat it. Classes are engineered to push the body, as well as the mind, to the brink in a controlled and safe environment. Don has found a purpose in teaching as many people as he can to prepare for the reality of violence. He has found a purpose in declaring no truce with those that wish to do us harm. 

don lams
Owner and lead instructor

Krav Maga Worldwide Expert LeveL 2 (Brown Belt) Instructor - 2017
Krav Maga Worldwide Certified instructor - 2010
Krav Maga Practitioner - 2007

Don has been a trainer for nearly 15 years. Beginning in 2002, Don was an Associate Coach of the Birmingham Seaholm Maples Boys' Swim Team. For six years, Don was an integral part in the team taking no less than 4th place in the State Finals each year. While Don was busy training the boys' swim team, he discovered his passion. He discovered his calling. Krav Maga.

Don spent the next three years forging his skills to become a KMW Certified Instructor in 2010. After completing his initial instructor training, Don continued to sharpen his steel, progressing to Expert Level I in 2015. 

After many years of work, Don and his wife Samantha had achieved the advent of Valhalla Krav Maga in January 2016.


samantha lams
owner and program director

Krav Maga Practitioner - 2011
Krav Maga Level II Practitioner

Recently picking up her training after having two amazing daughters, Gwenivere and Phoebe, Samantha began her journey with Krav Maga in 2011. Before the girls, Samantha earned her Yellow Belt (Level I) and is currently training for the next level.

Not only an owner, Samantha is responsible for creating the training schedule and ensuring that clients are accommodated with the opportunity to train as the need arises.