Welcome to Valhalla Krav Maga. Detroit’s premier self-defense training facility. Valhalla specializes in the Israeli self-defense and fighting system, Krav Maga. In association with Krav Maga Worldwide, Valhalla is dedicated to bringing you the finest instruction in self-defense, fighting, and fitness.



Krav Maga is what we do. First and foremost. We specialize in providing our students with the best Krav Maga training available. Every drill, every strike, every class is developed with the idea that every student, no matter their experience level, will leave class stronger and better prepared to defend themselves and the ones they love from the wolves of the world. Krav Maga is designed to be an effective and very direct way to deal with threats. All of our other programs are designed to help your Krav Maga get better and better. So why the emphasis on one thing?

It's Your Life.

It's Worth Defending



Want an amazing workout? Take a Valhalla Krav Maga Cardio-Striking class. We combine striking and kicking with focus mitts and heavy bags to give you an intense cardio workout. No two Cardio-Striking classes are the same, our Instructors constantly find new and interesting ways to keep the classes fresh and challenging. Students will learn the proper way to throw punches and kicks, with emphasis on technique. Once technique has been covered, you’ll do a variety of body weight exercises while combining what you’ve learned. If you want a great cardio burn, that is anything but boring, VKM Cardio-Striking is for you. 

(boxing gloves required for this class)



What do Krav Maga and yoga have in common? More than you might think. Our yoga classes are designed to help your body recover from the rigors of Krav Maga training. Valhalla’s instructors offer a variety of different styles to help strengthen and loosen muscles. The benefits of yoga are many including better general health, better posture, and a relaxed state of mind. Yoga is for everyone, no matter your experience or ability. Let our expert Instructors help you get in better shape in a more relaxed setting.